About This Product

Understanding who, when, how & where

to communicate with your customers.

Understanding who your customers are and when, how, and where to communicate with them is one of the most powerful tools a business can have.

When understood and combined together, the who, when, how, and where creates an invaluable framework from which your business can plan its communication. Without this framework, many businesses spend valuable budget on marketing that fails to deliver a return.

At Rare, we create a customer insight document for your business that identifies opportunities and actionable insights into your existing and potential customers. This document defines who your customers are, when to reach them in the purchase journey, how to cut through the noise and where online to communicate with them. This is how we do it:

Rare Digital- Customer insight
Rare Digital- Customer insight
Rare Digital- Customer insight
First Step

Understanding your customers.

This is about understanding who your customers are. We firstly look at the customer data you already have and how much detail it can provide us with about who your customers are. We then fill in any gaps by adding relevant data from external sources to give a detailed profile of who your customers are.

Second Step

Understanding your customer’s purchase journey.

Now we understand who your customers are, we look at what motivates your customers to purchase your product over your competitors. Here we map the paths consumers take to purchase, looking at the when and how they purchase. We overlay the subliminal and active choices they make ahead and after purchase. This enables us to plot when and how we communicate with the customer at the most effective time.

Third Step

Analyse your competitors and their communication.

The internet is a noisy place but you don’t need to shout to get heard. Understanding when, where and how your competitors are communicating enables you to be smart about what you say and when you say it. This allows us to plot when your business should be communicating to cut through the noise.

Fourth Step

Where to communicate with your customers.

Next, we look at how your customers use technology and digital media, and where they go online. This enables us to build a recommendation of where best to communicate with them so that they are most receptive to your message.

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