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Effective and efficient digital marketing

can be a driving force for your business.

We can help your business understand how much digital marketing you need and advise when, where, and how to communicate with your customers.

We help to increase revenue through digital marketing. We work with you to create a strategy document that outlines where to market, how to communicate, when to reach your customers, and with what message. This strategy covers all of your customer-facing marketing from your site, to social media, to ensure all digital customer touchpoints work together to achieve the same objective.

Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time can help grow your business. Increasing revenue through marketing starts by building a digital marketing strategy. We use the opportunities and customer insight derived from our insight product to form the foundations of a digital marketing strategy.

Rare Digital - Driving Revenue, social and digital media
Rare Digital Driving Revenue - social and digital media
Rare Digital - Driving Revenue Social and digital media
First Step

Understanding your customer data

Understanding your customer data can be a powerful tool for your business. It enables you to make decisions based on who your customers actually are, not guesses about who they might be. Getting a clear picture of your customer data helps us identify where your money is best spent in order to get the maximum return. It also enables us to segment your customers into groups and communicate to them as individuals instead of a number. In its simplest form, we can segment into groups such as ‘existing customers’ and ‘lapsed customers’, as well as using the data to create pools of potential customers with a similar profile to your current customers.

Second Step

Owned assets and content

Your digital marketing should enable you to communicate with your customers wherever they are online. That’s why it is important to have a clear picture of your owned channels, like your site and social media handles, and understand the role they play in your customer’s purchase journey. By understanding where your customers are online, we can identify any areas where your business isn’t currently present but should be, as well as ensure that you are communicating in the most effective way on channels your company is present on.

Third Step

Digital housekeeping

This is about helping ensure your business gets the online basics right. Your customer-facing marketing should be a reflection of your company’s products and services. Where many businesses fall down is that their marketing does not reflect the quality of their product. We help your business develop best practice to ensure the highest standards though all your digital marketing, from coding on your site to social media data capture.

Fourth Step

Digital marketing strategy

Marketing without strategy is just noise. We work with you to produce a digital marketing strategy that gives direction and purpose to your marketing. The strategy document details by marketing channel, when to communicate, to whom, with what message. This document gives structure to your marketing, enabling your business to communicate at the right moment, in the most effective way and ensuring all marketing works together to achieve your business objectives. This document works best in conjunction with the insights gained from a Customer Insight document which details the customer purchase journey and when, in that journey, to communicate.

Final Step


Here we implement, manage and report on the tactics detailed in the digital marketing strategy. We work with small teams of specialists to ensure your marketing is activated to the highest standard and you get the maximum return from your investment.

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